Cascinassa Wind Farm

Information about
the wind farm

In December 2021 the Cascinassa wind farm went into operation. Located on the heights of Cairo Montenotte between beech woods and the Adelasia Reserve.
It is the only private protected area in the Bormida Valley and is of particular botanical and faunal interest, as well as historical (from the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic era).

The Reserve is characteristic in that it is rich in water, which collects in numerous streams, brooks, ponds and waterfalls, thus fostering the development of woods with plant and animal species typical of cool, humid climates.

The plant is composed of five VESTAS V136 wind turbines, with an installed total output of 21 MW, and its construction required the extraordinary use of a “blade lifter” system, an innovative hydraulic lift that raises the blades of the wind turbine, allowing it to cross otherwise inaccessible roads.

Year production started


Installed power

21 MW

Annual production

Equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 21,500 households.

CO2/year avoided

Approximately 20,000 t

Trees planted to offset CO2

About 16,000

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