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La Rocca wind farm went into operation in 2009 and it’s named after the place where it stands, Rocca della Ghingherina, a rocky hilltop on the Ligurian-Paduan watershed.

At the same time the wind farm was being built, we also carried out work in the area to mitigate its impacts and reduce electromagnetic fields by constructing an electrical cabin and an underground cable duct, thus eliminating 300 metres of overhead line and dismantling three electricity pylons.

In 2011, we supported and promoted work to equip the Rocca della Ghingherina climbing site, by collaborating with the Mountaineering Unit of the Civil Defence of the National Mountaineering Association by bolting eight climbing lines.

During the summer of 2013, the wind farm’s turbines provided electricity for the first ‘Musica nel Vento’ Festival sponsored by the Municipality of Pontinvrea.

In 2021, Legambiente included the Pontinvrea wind farm in the ‘Tourist Guide to Wind Farms’.

Year production started


Installed power

3,2 MW

Annual production

Equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 3.000 households.

CO2/year avoided

Approximately 2.800 t

Trees planted to offset CO2

About 2.200

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