Rocca Moglie Wind Farm

Information about
the wind farm

In 2021, an 800kW ENERCON E-53 wind turbine went into operation at Rocca Moglie, near the La Rocca wind farm.

The site is located within the municipality of Stella, on the border with Pontinvrea, at an altitude of about 750 metres above sea level.

The landscape is typical of the Ligurian countryside and is characterised by mixed woods with a prevalence of beech and hazel.

The area is of interest to hikers due to the crossing of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (AVML) and is outside of parks and nature reserves.

Year production started


Installed power

0.8 MW

Annual production

Equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 750 households.

CO2/year avoided

Approximately 700 t

Trees planted to offset CO2

About 550

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