Rocche Bianche Wind Farm

Information about
the wind farm

Operational in April 2020, ‘Rocche Bianche’ wind farm consists of four 2.3 MW Enercon E92 wind turbines with a total capacity of 9.2 MW. It is located on a hill on the border between Quiliano and Vado Ligure.

Transporting the components of a wind farm is always considered to be a challenge, given the size and weight of the individual parts.

In this case, especially for the blades, we opted for an innovative ‘blade lift’ system, a hydraulic hoist that allows the blade to be raised, thus making it possible to pass over otherwise inaccessible roads.

In 2022, Legambiente included the wind farm in Quiliano, Vado Ligure, in the ‘Tourist Guide to Wind Farms’.

Year production started


Installed power

9.2 MW

Annual production

Equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 7,500 households.

CO2/year avoided

Approximately 7,100 t

Trees planted to offset CO2

About 5,500

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