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What is it?
RICARICA is a division of FERA which has been supplying and managing charging stations for electric vehicles since 2016.

How does it work?
RICARICA offers a complete service, with products and solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of customers, from companies to Public Administrations.

In 2022 we opened our first multi-brand RICARICA charging station in Liguria, in partnership with Tesla.

Driving energy in motion

Discover where to find RICARICA charging points throughout the country.

Vado Ligure

A multi-brand RICARICA charging station directly connected to the Rocche Bianche Wind Farm has been in operation in Vado Ligure since June 2023. Available to drivers for fast, ultra-fast and TESLA supercharger recharging.


The ultra-fast RICARICA charging point for electric vehicles is already operational at the Carcare Est service area (Savona) going towards Turin.

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Are you interested
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We have a solution to meet the needs of companies (from large retail chains to transport infrastructures, from logistics companies to vehicle rental companies) and public administrations.

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