“Sailing with the wind” FERA with Gioc’onda2

FERA is the sponsor of “Gioc’Onda2”, a Dufour 44 Performance boat”, with  Amica Vela (www.amicavela.it), an Amateur Sports Association in Cecina (Livorno) which was started in 2008, from an initiative by a group of friends who are passionate about sailing and the sea. This enterprise will be carried out by the association, which aims to promote boating and pleasure cruising by way of sailing courses and regattas. It’s President, Roberto Puccetti, who is coordinator of the national sailing sector of ACSI (Associazione Cultura, Sport e Tempo Libero – Culture, Sport and Leisure Association – https://www.acsi.it/).

The boat is scheduled to participate in eight stages of the “Trofeo della Costa Etrusca 2022/2023” (Etruscan Coast Trophy 2022/2023) organized by the Salivoli Marina Yacht Club and will take place in the stretch of water in front of Salivoli Marina (dates 2022: 23/10 – 06 /11 – 20/11 – 04/12 and 2023: 05/02 – 19/02 – 05/03 – 19/03), at the “100 miglia di Montecristo 2023” (100 miles of Montecristo 2023) at the San Vincenzo Yacht Club (21 and 22 May 2023 with a departure from Salivoli) and at 151 miglia 2023” (151 miles 2023) at the Punt Ala Yacht Club (June 1, 2023 with departure from Livorno).

The first round of the Trofeo della Costa Etrusca saw “Gioc’Onda2” always in the lead in its category and it is currently third in its general classification (to see pictures from last December’s race: https://www.ycms.it/costa-etrusca-2/galleria-tce-22-23/galleria-tce-4-dicembre-22/).

“Since 2001 FERA has been producing renewable energy, mainly from wind sources. Wind, therefore, is the common thread of most of FERA’s activities.” – commented Luigi Pennisi, sailing enthusiast and Managing Director of the FERA Group – “This sponsorship is one of many initiatives in which we are participating with enthusiasm, so that we can be an active part in the territories in which we carry out our activities”.

“Just as the energy of the wind allowed Ligurian and Etruscan people to move – initially between Liguria and Tuscany, then throughout the Mediterranean basin and finally throughout the world, allowing the discovery of new lands and new worlds – today and in the future, the same wind energy will allow us to free ourselves and save ourselves from the dramatic consequences of climate change.” – added Cesare Fera, president of the FERA Group – “We are preparing to participate in international regattas over the next five years, from the “Fastnet Race” to the “Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race” with boats that do not even use a litre of diesel, not even in port or for emergencies.”

About FERA (www.ferasrl.it)

FERA SRL operates in the renewable energy sector, selling the electricity that it produces exclusively from renewable sources (wind, biogas and mini-hydroelectric) in Liguria, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Sicily and Sardinia. RICARICA (https://ricarica.biz/), is a company which provides a charging service for electric vehicles and has been active since 2016. It has over 60 charging points, offering energy at the most competitive prices on the market. Last June the first “Multi-brand RICARICA STATION” was inaugurated in Vado Ligure (Savona) with 75 kW and 350 kW columns in addition to TESLA Superchargers. The FERA Group’s activities are constantly aligned with nationally and internationally recognized best practice criteria.

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