Scholarships awarded to students of the “Antonio Gramsci” Comprehensive school in Decimoputzu and “Fermi + Da Vinci” Comprehensive School of Guspini and Pabillonis

An awards ceremony was held today for third year students of the ‘Antonio Gramsci’ Comprehensive School in Decimoputzu and the ‘Fermi + Da Vinci’ Comprehensive School of Guspini and Pabillonis, who stood out for their commitment and achievements during the 2023/2024 school year.

At 10.00 a.m., at the Decimoputzu Municipality town hall, scholarships, sponsored by the Azienda Agricola AGRIFERA, were awarded. In the presence of Antonio Munzittu, Decimoputzu’s Mayor, Monica Basciu, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Public Education, Limbania Maria Rombi, Headmistress of ‘Antonio Gramsci’ Comprehensive School, Decimoputzu and Rosa Deplano, Deputy Headmistress, Luca Verdino and Francesca Mulas, representing AGRIFERA, awarded the winners, Lorenzo Marongiu, Michele Marongiu, Omar Mocci, Alessandra Sanna and Andrea Parisi, with the 5 ‘award cheques’ worth 300 euro each.

At 5.00 p.m., at the Municipality of Pabilonis Social Centre, scholarships sponsored by Azienda Agricola AGRIFERA and Azienda Agricola PABILLONIS were awarded in the presence of Riccardo Sanna,  Decimoputzu’s Mayor, Professor Porcu, Headmaster of ‘Fermi + Da Vinci’ Comprehensive school in Guspini and Pabillonis. Luca Verdino, representing AGRIFERA and PABILLONIS companies, presented the winners with ‘award cheques’ worth 300 euro each. The names of the winners are: Martina Saiu, Andrea Costerella, Emma Fonnesu, Martina Casti, Azzurra Lilliu, Emily Olmo, Giuseppe Porcu and Viola Tozzo.

Thus, for the third year, sponsorship scholarships by Azienda Agricola PABILLONIS and Azienda Agricola AGRIFERA continue, in order to support young talent and contribute to the development and growth of the most deserving students who attend schools in Decimoputzu, Guspini and Pabillonis.

The companies involved in the biogas business, Società Agricola AGRIFERA and Società Agricola PABILLONIS, are part of an integrated supply chain that is closely connected to the local territory.

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