Scholarships awarded to the most deserving students of the ‘Antonio Gramsci’ Comprehensive School in Decimoputzu

Yesterday morning, in the Council Chamber of the Decimoputzu Municipality, scholarships were awarded to third year students of the ‘Antonio Gramsci’ Comprehensive School, Decimoputzu by AGRIFERA. These students distinguished themselves for their commitment and performance during the 2022/2023 school year.

In the presence of Antonio Munzittu, Mayor of Decimoputzu, Monica Basciu, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Public Education, Daniele Macciotta, Municipal Secretary, Aronne Marongiu, Head of Culture and Taxes, Andrea Floris of the Regional Department of Public Education, Limbania Maria Rombi, the school’s Headmistress, and Rosa Deplano, deputy Headmistress, Valentina Cherchi and Giorgio Cirronis, representing AGRIFERA, winners were presented with four ‘award cheques’ worth 300 euro each.

The names of the award winners are: Alessandro Efisio Tonino Ena, Sara Pibia, Alessandro Medda and Sofia Nisci.

AGRIFERA agricultural company, which operates biogas plants in the area, produces energy from renewable sources, is always happy to collaborate with the municipality and the ‘Antonio Gramsci’ State Comprehensive School, to contribute to the development and growth of its most deserving students.

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