Scholarships have been awarded to the most deserving students from the ‘Fermi + Da Vinci’ Comprehensive School in Pabillonis and Guspini

Pabillonis and Guspini, 8 September 2023 – This morning, at the Social Aggregation Centre in the Municipality of Pabillonis and at the former Council Chamber of the Municipality of Guspini, scholarships have been awarded by the FERA Biogas company (Società Agricola PABILLONIS and Società Agricola AGRIFERA), which rewarded students in their third year of Comprehensive School at ‘Fermi + Da Vinci’ in Pabillonis and Guspini. These students excelled in terms of commitment and achievement during the 2022/2023 school year.

At 10.30 a.m. with Riccardo Sanna, Mayor of Pabillonis, Graziella Gambella, Councillor for Public Education, Blanche Marie Sanna, Headmistress, teachers Margherita Palli and Marisa Perseu, in addition to Luca Verdino and Valentina Cherchi, representing BIOGAS, three winners were presented with ‘trophy cheques’ worth EUR 300 each. The names of the winners are: Samuele Cruccas, Federico Figus and Vanessa Pibi. 

At 11.30 a.m. with Giuseppe De Fanti, Mayor of Guspini, Marcello Serru, deputy Mayor, Francesca Tuveri, Councillor for Education, and Blanche Marie Sanna, Headmistress, in addition to Luca Verdino and Valentina Cherchi, representing BIOGAS, six winners were presented with ‘trophy cheques’, totalling EUR 1,800. The winners are: Sara Cera, Michael Colella, Nicola Ortu, Elisa Bruna Puddu, Gabriele Tomasi and Beatrice Usai.

FERA’s BIOGAS company therefore continues with sponsoring scholarships, in order to contribute to the development and growth of talent amongst the most deserving students at the ‘Fermi + Da Vinci’ Comprehensive School.

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