FERA’s People

The people who participate, in various ways, in the success of the company's objectives, with whom meetings are organised to update on the status of projects and the implementation of business plans. These collective activities are carried out with individual groups and/or in general meetings.


These are all the companies with which our group shares ownership and operation of some of the projects implemented.


Public Administrations

Municipalities, Provinces and Regions in which we carry out our projects are fundamental stakeholders for us, which is why they are regularly involved in meetings and discussions dedicated to examining issues that enhance the sustainability of our projects. Public Administrations are involved, in line with our Quality Management System procedures, at events held at our plant sites with the aim of highlighting positive outcomes of ongoing consultation.

Local communities

The involvement of local communities is another key element for us in order to get to know citizens and the host territory. In agreement with public administrations, we organise meetings, presentations and guided tours of plants that have already been built, in order to make people aware of how we operate and to encourage an ongoing dialogue regarding knowledge of the area and its characteristics.

Environmental organisations and associations

Discussions with environmental organisations and associations are essential at every stage of a project, which is why we promote exchanging information and sharing know-how by participating in working groups, conferences and events dedicated to sustainability and the climate change debate.

Schools and Future Generation

Over the years we have increasingly felt the need to create an opportunity for dialogue and discussion with future generations, so that in an age of learning they can become familiar with Ecological themes and protecting the Planet. To bring students closer to our vision, we organise guided tours of our plants and educational projects to help implement Environmental Education programmes.

Universities, Research Centres and Masters

Our group involves universities and research centres in the implementation phases of projects which require innovation and independent validation. We also offer partnerships with universities for innovative thesis projects and offer internships in our companies, thus creating a study-work bridge.


We work with non-profit organisations that organise events or projects for redeveloping areas and territories in emerging countries, actively intervening by designing self-sufficient energy supply solutions.

Professional associations

Associations that promote building a favourable opinion of the industry, through relations with key institutions, media relations, and the promotion of good practices among members. In addition, we are part of ITALIA SOLARE and a founding member of ANEV (National Wind Energy Association).

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