Wind Power

Wind Energy

What is it?
It is energy produced by the wind, it is clean and renewable.

How does it work?
Kinetic energy, produced by the movement of air over the earth's surface, is then transformed into mechanical energy, and subsequently into electrical energy.

During our 20 years of activity we have authorised around 180 MW in Italy. We use the most reliable technology, thanks to our years of experience and our suppliers, who are among the best in Europe.

How does a
wind farm work?

Wind energy is used via the installation of wind generators, or wind turbines: technologically advanced and reliable machines that transform the power of the wind into electrical energy thanks to 3 wind blades, which are propelled by the force of the wind and rotate and produce kinetic energy that is captured by a rotor and transmitted to a generator, which converts it into electrical energy.

The benefits

Wind energy is clean energy, it does not produce harmful substances or pollute the environment and does not use fossil fuels for its operation.

It is easy to find as it exists in nature and is constant and continuous. It also guarantees an efficient system.

Wind turbines have an average lifetime of 25 years and are recyclable.

A wind farm does not alter the nature of the place where it is located, thanks to its vertical development: agricultural activities, livestock and land remain unchanged.

The use of renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, increases energy security by reducing dependence on foreign energy and consequently reducing price fluctuations.

Wind energy represents the present that guarantees the future: the future of the planet and of new generations.

0 GWh

approximately clean electricity produced

0 tons

CO2 avoided, equivalent to about 98,000 trees planted


Our wind farms

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