At Fiera Internazionale del Bovino da Latte, FERA presents the solar thermal collectors based on concentrating solar power technology. 

Finally reduced all energy costs by a completely autonomous production of clean thermal energy and  zero-risk investment.

The simple principle of solar beams reflection is at the base of the innovative technology FERA developed to produce CO2-free energy.

Solar beams are reflected by mirrors and concentrated on a receiver tube. A thermovector fluid flows inside the tube and produces high-temperature thermal energy (up to 300°C). The so-called Fresnel mirrors are mounted on parallel rows and they follow the movement of the sun, directing the reflection on the receiver tube.

CSP thermal collectors savings

A simple technology, cost-effective and low-maintenance. FERA TH is the ideal thermal collector for all industrial applications which use high-temperature heat (food & beverage, dairy, textile, paper mill, etc.) and for solar cooling in buildings.

The so-called Conto Energia Termico (Legislative Decree December 28th, 2012) rewards the eco-friendly choice of thermal energy production by a five-years incentive plan which repays entirely the initial cost (72€/m2 for the industrial heat, 100 €/m2 for solar cooling). So, thanks to the incentive plan, buying a FERA TH collector is a zero-risk investment. 

From October 24th to 27th, 2013

 Pavilion 2, Stand 129

CremonaFiere, Piazza Zelioli Lanzini 1, Cremona


For information on the product:

Chiara Basso

Project Manager

Mobile (+39) 345 7196394


Beatrice Gustinetti

Business Development Manager

Mobile (+39) 346 1770463


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