“Rocche Bianche” wind farm works in Quiliano and Vado Ligure (SV)

In April 2020, the “Rocche Bianche” wind farm began operating on the hills on the border between Vado Ligure and Quiliano, in the province of Savona, Liguria region, Italy.

After a very long and troubled authorization process 4 Enercon E92 wind turbines, 78 m high and with a rotor diameter of 92 m, finally transform wind energy in clean electricity: they are able to produce 24200 MWh / year, equal to annual consumption of 7500 families. This energy will avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 12900 tonns of CO2, 28 of Methane and 64 of N2O, as well as 45 of other contaminants (PM10, NOz, SOx …).

The transport of the components of a wind farm is always exceptional, but in this case for the blades the system has been the innovative “blade lifter“, a hydraulic lift that provides to raise the blade up so it can pass on otherwise inaccessible roads.

Click on the image below for watching the video.

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